Mission Airsoft raised the field access fee to $20 effective January 2018. You can get a Membership through at a 10% discount and pay only $18 per visit.

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20360 Pleasanton RD, San Antonio, TX 78221.
NEW HOURS: Open Every Saturday 10AM-5PM. We are CLOSED weekdays.
If you would like to schedule a Weekday/Evening Game, reserved in 4hr time blocks, please Call 210-843-3711 or e-mail
Deposit required, please schedule a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

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S.W.A.T. vs Cartel
Saturday, January 27, 2018, 10:00am - 08:00pm

swat vs cartel

S.W.A.T. vs Drug Cartel

The Drug Cartel has expanded its operations into the United States. Besides normal operations of sneaking in cocaine and other drugs, the Cartel has taken to kidnapping US Citizens. They are transporting them across the border into Mexico to use as slaves and ransoms - especially the Gringos. The cartel has taken over a small town where they are holding many of the hostages. Because of their experience and highly trained skills, having seen action on a nearly daily basis, S.W.A.T. has been called in to rescue the hostages and curtail the flow of drugs. The S.W.A.T. team will provide any required medical attention to the hostages as they are escorted to a safe zone.

SWAT will be wearing ACU, black, or blue.  Participants wearing other than these but who want to be on the SWAT team will be given a blue arm band.

Cartel members can wear anything but ACU, black, or blue .  All Cartel members will be wearing YELLOW arm bands.

Admission for the event is $35 through the month of December, $40 in January until the day before the event, and $45 at the gate.

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Airsoft Supplies

Gun Techs
On-site and offsite repairs and mods to optimize your compliance with "Rule #1: Have Fun"!
Brandon and Justin are on hand on as frequently as possible for repairs, upgrades, etc.  For offsite repairs, contact them at and
Mission Airsoft carries a limited supply of airsoft guns for rent, primarily M4 replicas. Rental includes eye/face protection and a full high-cap mag of BBs!
BIO BBs Only
Mission Airsoft is located on a Wildlife Management Area and Biodegradable BBs are MANDATORY! Please help us preserve the wildlife by bringing only biodegradable BBs.
The flora and fauna of Mission Airsoft is typical of a mesquite thicket. DRESS APPROPRIATELY! (Shorts or open-toe shoes are STRONGLY discouraged.)
Lost and Found
Items left at Mission Airsoft must be claimed within 30 days. After that time, Mission Airsoft will dispose of the item as we see fit - so PLEASE call us to claim any lost items!

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Mission Airsoft - Where Rule #1 is HAVE FUN
Mission Airsoft is San Antonio's premiere airsoft field. We have over 20 acres of wooded battlegrounds and 6 adjoining fields allowing for games in individual areas for smaller groups or large milieu for bigger groups.

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The field is reserved for a private party Monday morning.

LOST and FOUND Someone reported a lost Go Pro last week. It was turned in this week. I've lost the contact information for the owner. Please call if... Show more

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Rainy Day Album from Saturday, December 16.

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cant wait to go this sat with our schools team

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San Antonio vs Corpus Christi

  • Saturday, 30 December 2017 12:00 PM
  • 20360 Pleasanton Rd San Antonio, TX 78221

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Follow the link tho view the whole album from October 14 games.

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Paul Graves scores a pass, for two, to next week's Super Saturday Mini Op in today's drawing. You can come too! Text pewafew to 48421 to get your... Show more

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Howser Station is still suffering from the effects of Harvey. Several structures have fallen (a couple have fallen apart) and need some shoring up... Show more

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OCT 10, 11, 12

The open field, Howser Station, is scheduled to be mowed on Friday and needs some...
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One of the things I LOVE about our players is exemplified in this photo - seasoned airsoft veterans helping younger, less experienced players. We... Show more

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Holding true to our promise to send $2 from every Field Access fee collected in Sept and October to Hurricane Harvey Relief. If you'd like to give... Show more

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