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Where to Find Us

Mission: Airsoft is located at 20360 Pleasanton RD, San Antonio, TX 78221. Hours: 10-5 every Saturday, weekdays by reservation. Call 210-843-3711 or send an e-mail to info@missionairsoft.com.

Night Ops

Fourth Friday Night Ops

Mission: Airsoft hosts Night Ops every 4th Friday! $15 includes game play and optional overnight camping!

Lucky Zombie Giveaway

M:A Community

  • Mission Control
    4 weeks ago

    Mission Airsoft is recruiting zombies for an event October 24th. We want the Woods of the Walking Dead to be swarming with zombies eager to lurch and stagger after our airsoft survivors who are in search of supplies for refugees huddled in a camp.

  • Mission Control
    4 weeks ago

    The bravest among them can be World War Z type zombies and draw the fire from airsoft spring pistols. Zombies get their names in a pot for drawings, including the finale drawing for an airsoft AEG! Survivors get their names in a separate drawing for braving the course and securing the supplies.

  • Mission Control
    4 weeks ago

    Less adventurous zombies (Walking Dead type) will not be chasing survivors, but add to the ambiance of the evening staging gory feasts by strobe light, or simply moaning and groaning their mindless way around the perimeter of the camp. Screams and wide-eyed stares will serve as applause. Guests will assuredly want to be photographed with the zombies

  • Mission Control
    4 weeks ago

    Music, movies, food, giveaways, Emergency Preparedness booths, zombies … what’s not to like?!? Call 210-843-3711 to enlist!

    Zombies get a reduced rate for the Woods of the Walking Dead event. Zombies who want a free pass can come at 2 p.m. Friday, October 24th and help with the set-up for the evening’s activities! Zombies MUST report by 6 p.m. for training and orientation.

    Please visit, www.miss

  • Mission Control
    1 month ago

    Night Ops Friday!!!

Cards Are IN!

Get your Collectors Edition Mission Airsoft Card Deck! This one-of-a-kind card deck was published with a run of only 35 decks and they will NEVER be printed again! Get a part of Mission Airsoft history for just $15!


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