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Birthday Packages

Mission: Airsoft offers 10% birthday package discounts on admission and rentals for parties of 8 or more!

Night Ops

Fourth Friday Night Ops

Mission: Airsoft hosts Night Ops every 4th Friday! $15 includes game play and optional overnight camping!


About Mission Airsoft

To keep it interesting, we've compiled a variety of scenarios and milieu to choose from.  You can play any of the games described below or you and your enemy may choose to follow a plan of your own device.  We're here to help you have a great time!


With so much ground to cover, you will want to develop a strategy to help your squad gain the advantage over the enemy.  We'll provide you with maps and diagrams that will assist you in making informed decisions.  It's up to you to lead your squad to victory by having the best plan.



Mission Airsoft has three battlefields available (see map), each with base camp areas, one for each team.  Each camp has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, so choose wisely when selecting your base camp for your team.  Terrain maps will be provided to help you decide what camp your team wants to defend.  The map below represents the battlegrounds as seen from an altitude of 2000' above ground.  These three fields can be combined if there more players on the field than a single battlefield can accomodate.


M:A Community

  • VC-282
    4 days ago

    Anybody going to Mission tomorrow?

  • Captain J
    6 days ago

    Im selling my airsoft guns and gear so if any one wants to buy anything just leave a message I'm selling a hull bunch of stuff a plate carrier 4 hi caps
    Triple m4 mag pouch a sniper a m4 a cheap upper reserver I would probably give away a 360mm tight bore inner barrel oh the m4 has a pretty installed tightbore so great deal gloves helmet etc

  • Leeperz shared a photo.
    6 days ago

    Fighting along my brother.

  • Mission Control
    7 days ago

    Woods of the Walking Dead VII Friday, July 25th! We've sold 75 tickets through Amazon Local and at least 30 from our link here on the Web site. 14 zombies from Elmenorf have paid. Thanks! It's gonna be a fun night, don't miss it. Only one person has signed up under the event. I know more of you are coming, but please sign in on the event so others will know it wont be a dead night. It will be...

  • VC-282 is friends with Mission Control

Cards Are IN!

Get your Collectors Edition Mission Airsoft Card Deck! This one-of-a-kind card deck was published with a run of only 35 decks and they will NEVER be printed again! Get a part of Mission Airsoft history for just $15!


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