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Mission: Armageddon
From Friday, April 27, 2018
To Saturday, April 28, 2018
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Contact Michelle - 210-843-3711


In a post apocalyptic society, warring factions compete for food, ammunition, medical supplies, etc. to secure their respective chances of survival.

Will you be one of the survivors of Armageddon?

The next Op at Mission Airsoft is ARMAGEDDON coming Friday and Saturday, April 27-28. This event will be a 24 HOUR EVENT and will be for ages 12 and up.

Text pewafew to 48421 and opt in to get updates and discounts on ticket prices.

There will be NO REGULAR GAME PLAY on Saturday, April 28.

UPDATES - check this section frequently!!

  • Bring a Tac Light for night ops. ALL engagements after dark require lights to be on.
  • There will be "safe zones" for camping on the field if you need to get some sleep.  BRING YOUR OWN CAMPING GEAR!
  • The op will run for 24 hours with 6 op segments (missions).  Each mission will be three hours plus a 1-hour break.
  • Up to 12 points will be possible for each mission PLUS bonus points for completing a mission early.

The schedule will be roughly as follows:

  • 7:00 pm -- Check in and chrono.  It is important to be on time and have your gear ready to chrono by 7:00 pm. 
  • 7:30 pm -- Mission brief and divide into teams.
  • 8:00 pm -- First mission.  Team A will begin at Fort Sam; Team B starts at Fort Shelby.
  • 12:00 am -- Second mission
  • 4:00 am -- Third mission
  • 8:00 am -- Fourth mission
  • 12:00 pm -- Fifth mission
  • 4:00 pm -- Final mission
  • 8:00 pm -- Op concludes
Location Mission Airsoft

Buy Tickets BEFORE APRIL 1 to qualify for the GRAND PRIZE: an ASG EVO 3 A1 Scorpion!
ONLY THOSE WHO BUY BEFORE APRIL 1 will be in the drawing for this grand prize!