• Full-seal eye pro and mask are required at Mission Airsoft.

    Due to the hazards inherent in an environment in which thousands of tiny projectiles are being hurled at 300+ fps, we at Mission Airsoft have determined that it is unwise to allow our patrons to endanger their vision or their smiles by wearing less-than-adequate protection. It is a necessary element of general safety. It is hard to comply with "Rule #1: Have Fun" if you are injured, and we are obligated to do what we can to ensure that the basics are covered with regard to the personal safety of those who visit our field.

    The minimum requirement can be met with goggles that have a foam perimeter that makes skin contact all the way around the eyes. Mesh uppers are allowed as long as some form of protective lens is worn underneath (bio BBs may shatter on impact).

    Mesh lowers are acceptable for face protection. Bandanas or other cloth coverings are allowed for face protection as long as a mouth guard is worn underneath. Mouth guards alone are not adequate as the following YouTube video will attest.

    Thanks for playing safely at Mission Airosft!