Rules of the Game

Mission: Airsoft’s first mission is Airsoft. However, to accomplish that mission, we must have rules. Airsoft is a potentially dangerous game and woodland areas have their own inherent dangers.  All participants must sign a waiver before entering the field.  The field is open to ages 10 and up.  Participants under age 12 must be accompanied on the field and all participants aged 17 and under must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. 

Rules do not restrict. Rules liberate us from injury, arguments, discord, litigation, and other harmful effects that derive from lack of appropriate restraints.
With this in mind, the following rules and definitions are in effect at Mission: Airsoft.


  • PLAYER – a participant in the Airsoft games.
  • HIT – Anytime a PLAYER strikes a target PLAYER on the body, clothing, or weapon with a round that breaks when impacting the target, that PLAYER is considered HIT, regardless of where the shot impacted.
  • WOUNDED – if the MEDIC RULE (see below) is in effect, a HIT PLAYER that has not been HIT previously in the current game.
  • START HORN – OK - there's no actual horn, but more likely a whistle blast or a really loud countdown.
  • STOP HORN – Just like there's no real horn to start, there isn't one to stop the game either.  Listen for a countdown followed by someone hollering "GAME ON" or a loud whistle.
  • REF/ADMIN - a designated neutral individual who serves as time keeper and final arbiter of disputes for the games.
  • EYE PRO – Goggles, masks, shooting glasses, or safety glasses that meet ANSI Z87.1 standards and seal around the eyes.  MESH GOGGLES ARE NOT ALLOWED. Biodegradable BBs shatter potentially sending shards of BB into the eyes.
  • BATTLEGROUND – designated areas where games are conducted.
  • SAFE ZONE – designated areas where no weapons may be fired at any time for any reason - mag out, safety on, chamber cleared, and finger off the trigger in the Safe Zone.
  • SAFETY KILL – a non-ballistic kill. This is required when a PLAYER is within 20 feet of a target PLAYER. A SAFETY KILL is accomplished by aiming a weapon at a target that is within 20* feet and shouting “Safety Kill”.
      NOTE:  We use joules vs fps.  If your gun is above 1.5 joules (approximately 400fps), the minimum engagement increases to 50'.  If your gun chronos above 1.9 joules (approx. 450fps), the minimum distance is 100' and your weapon must be a spring-type sniper.  If your weapon chronos above 2.3 joules (approx. 550fps), it will not be allowed on the field.
  • BLIND MAN – Indicates a real-world injury. When a real-world injury occurs, the term “BLIND MAN” is shouted to alert others.
  • MEDIC RULE a game variation that allows a HIT PLAYER to return to the game without returning to a spawn point.

For complete rules, please review the Safety Brief