Mission Airsoft Safety Brief

The following is a review of the safety rules at Mission Airsoft:

  1. HAVE FUN:You cannot have fun if you are getting hurt, and if you have fun hurting others, you have come to the wrong field. Refs want to have fun too, so PLEASE don’t shoot them.
  2. ALWAYS PRACTICE GUN SAFETY:Your guns are designed to look and feel like real weapons. Please treat them as such. Do not aim at anyone or anything you do not intend to shoot. The habits you pick up with these guns, are the habits you will have with a real gun. ALL Airsoft guns must be registered EVERY TIME at the Chrono Station before use on field. This includes pistols.
  3. SAFETY ZONE: While in the safety zone, have your mags out, safeties on, FINGERS OFF THE TRIGGER and chambers cleared. If you are dry firing your gun to test it, you have already broken 2 parts of this rule.
  4. PAY ATTENTION:You are shooting at each other. On purpose. With guns! In a mesquite thicket!! WITH CACTUS!! The “look before you leap” maxim is applicable here. There are lots of things that poke, scratch, bite, sting, etc. Be aware of your surroundings.
  5. EYE PRO:MUST be on AT ALL TIMES ON THE FIELD. During games, in-between games, AND AFTER games. DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYE PRO OFF. Not even to de-fog.
  6. BLIND MAN: Blind Man is our field safety call. If someone is injured or your eye pro falls off, call blind man. If you hear blind man, put your guns on safety, and take up the call. Take a knee until further instruction. DO NOT empty your chamber, DO NOT test fire your gun.
  7. NO BLIND FIRING:If you do not see a target down the barrel of your gun, don’t shoot. Spray and pray counts as blind fire.
  8. NO CONTINUOUS FIRE: 5 round bursts only, including in semi-auto mode. Give a FULL SECOND between bursts to give your target a chance to call hit. LMG class guns are allowed a full 2 sec burst provided our Ref classifies your gun as such when you Chrono.
  9. CALL YOUR HITS: Not doing so causes arguments and breaks Rule #1. If anything you are wearing or carrying is hit, CALL YOUR HIT! This includes your gun, your hat, your shoelace, your riot shield, etc. Ricochets count. Friendly fire is not friendly. It counts.  
    Call your hit loudly and clearly, MOVE OUT OF THE LINE OF FIRE, and pull out your dead rag. Keep in mind, this is a DENSE brush area, it is difficult to tell if you hit somebody or not. DO NOT call out other players. It causes arguments and breaks rule #1. Ask a Ref to keep an eye on players you feel are shrugging hits.
  10. RESPAWNS:When you get shot, go touch your re-spawn point. Spawns are 10 sec. long. YOU MUST COUNT THE 10 SEC OUT LOUD. You may move while counting, but you are not in the game until you reach ZERO. YOU MUST TOUCH YOUR SPAWN POINT BEFORE YOU BEGIN COUNTING.
  11. OBSERVE MINIMUM ENGAGEMENT DISTANCE:20’ safety kills range. When within that range DO NOT SHOOT. Point your gun at the individual and call safety kill. Make sure that player knows they got safety killed. No parlay. If 2 players safety kill each other AT THE SAME TIME they are both dead.
  12. OBSERVE BOUNDERIES: Yellow tape and barbed wire mark outer boundaries, never cross those. Red tape marks boundaries between fields. Stay in bounds for whatever field we are playing on.
  13. KEEP IT CLEAN: No foul language or violence. Again, we are ALL here to have fun; it’s hard to do that when you are mad. If there are ANY DISPUTES, call a ref over.      
  14. KEEP IN MIND THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES FOR BREAKING RULES: First offense: you receive a warning. Second offense: you are removed from gameplay for a game. Third offense: Bye.

These rules are here for your safety and everyone else’s.  They are not requests or suggestions.