Mini-Op October 21, 2017

americans vs taliban ii

Tickets are $15 (regular admission price)

Buy early and get a FREE CARE PACKAGE!"


americans vs taliban ii

Tickets are $15 (regular admission price)

Buy early and get a FREE CARE PACKAGE!"

Background - US

The Talibani forces have united and solidified on home ground and are threatening the peace of our precious nation. After a vicious fight to rout them and expel them from our territories, we still find ourselves facing a formidable enemy within our borders. It is an IMPERATIVE that we defeat this insidious infestation of vermin and we will fight to the last man to accomplish our goal of defending and maintaining our rights as guaranteed by our Constitution.

Failure is not an option!


Background - Taliban

The American Infidels are weak minded fools who believe their false gods will protect them from the will of our Almighty God, which is to convert or crush the infidel until there are none left! We will prevail again, and this time, there will be no America (**spit**) left for them to defend! We will exploit the weakness of the beast and gut it from within, and we will win for ourselves the glory, honor, and blessings of our God! WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!


Rules and General Op Info

  • Uniforms: Players who come to the OP dressed in multi-cam will be assigned to the American team. Those who come dressed in woodland camo will be assigned to the Taliban team.  ACU or other camouflage will assign as needed by the Op coordinator, Ralph Sanchez.
  • What to do when you get hit : Take a knee and put your dead rag on your head. You remain out of play for 5 minutes or until Captured (see below), then go to the mobile respawn point or home base.(see out package)
  • Capture rule : During the 5 minute period before you can respawn, the enemy can capture you by placing a hand on your shoulder and saying, "Captured". When captured, immediately go to the mobile respawn or home base to respawn. Teams are awarded 1 point for every 2 enemies they capture. (See care package below)
  • Territories rule: Territories are gained are gained by capturing your flag.  1 point is awarded for each enemy territory captured.
  • Intelligence rule : Either army can take intelligence from the boxes they discover. Leave the box in place, and take the info to your commanding officer. The message will be encoded and must be deciphered.
  • Mission rule : For each mission that you complete you gain 2 points for your team.
  • Side mission rule: For each side mission that you complete your team gain 1 point for your team.
  • Commanding officer : An ORANGE AMRBAND designates one of the commanding officers.
  • Intelligence: A GREEN VEST designates an individual with intel on mission.  Either kill or capture them depending on the mission.
  • Enforcer : RED designates admins who enforce the rules and game.
  • Mobile Respawn: Each team has two mobile respawn made of PVC pipe. Find and assemble them. They can be moved back and forth on the battlefield. Individuals can respawn at the mobile units as normal.
  • Mortar Tube : Find your Mortar Tube and assemble it.
  • Mystery Box: The mystery box is a grey box with a yellow question mark on it that contains mission relevant information.
  • Questions: go to your commanding officer with any questions you have about game play.



  • Care Packages: a limited number of care packages are available for $5. Each package contains 2 ace bandages, shield card, ransom card and a dead rag.
  • Ace Bandage: Allows you to call a team member to help you get healed. They may come tie the ace bandage around your arm to revive you without have to wait minutes or respawn.
  • Shield card : protects you from 1 airstrike or mortar tube strike. One time use only.
  • Ransom card: If you are captured (taken hostage) during the 5 minutes after being hit, you can use the ransom card to gain your immediate freedom and no points are awarded for the capture. You do NOT have to respawn; however, for 30 seconds you may not engage or pursue the enemy nor they you.

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