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Airsoft Game Fields located in San Antonio, TX


Mission Airsoft has five battlefields available - South Field, Center Field, North Field, Howser Station, and the War Zone (see map), each with base camp areas for each team.  Each camp has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, so choose wisely when selecting your base camp for your team.  Terrain maps will be provided to help you decide what camp your team wants to defend.  The map below represents the battlegrounds as seen from an altitude of 3500' above ground.  Two or more of these fields can be combined for some games.

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The North Field is relatively open.  Note the significance of the word "relatively".  Nothing about the Woods of Argala is truly "open".  It is a dense mesquite thicket and visibility is limited no matter where you go; however, of the three fields, the North Field has the least dense underbrush.  The Dragon's Lair is very defensible and works well for games of Attack and Defend or VIP Transport.

Center Field is very dense.  Paths are cut through the thicket, but this field is similar to a Close Quarter Combat area where many of the exchanges will require Safety Kills as they visibility is often 20' or less.  The field is well suited for Team Death Match.

The South Field is also more dense than the North Field but not as impenetrable as Center Field.  This field works well for games of Capture the Flag with small numbers.  We'll typically start the day with a game of Capture the Flag or Football (a variant of Capture the Flag) on South Field before the bulk of the crowd gets geared up and ready to play.  Most of our games are full-field - all three fields combined.  

Howser Station is a mini "city" in an open field between North Field and the War Zone

The War Zone is an 11 acre wooded area, much less dense than the woods of Argala.  The northern part of the War Zone is where Fort Worth is erected with a GP Large military tent behind it.  The combination of fort and tent make for a very defensible position for some intense Attack and Defend games.

A typical day at Mission: Airsoft might go something like this:

1000 – 1030  Check-in

Sign roster, sign waiver, pay fees, safety brief, rent equipment, and gun chrono. 

1030 – 1230  Games 

Capture the Flag - our standard start-the-day game.  Usually we'll keep it short so that we can bring in newcomers to another game quickly.  

Team Death Match

King of the Hill

Each game lasts 20-30 minutes with a 10-15 minute return to the safety zone between for rehydration, reloading, etc.  We have plenty of Gatorade and bottled water for sale to keep you hydrated.


1230 – 1330  Lunch Break

Rehydrate/Reload.  We have mesquite-grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, candy bars, sodas, etc. for sale.  We don't give 'em away, but you'll be hard pressed to find a better burger at a better price.


1330 – 1600  Games in the War Zone

Attack & Defend - our standard after-lunch game

Nuclear Warfare

Black Hawk Down

We have a variety of other games we can play depending on how many players are on the field.  We are open to suggestions for game modes and new game concepts.



Team Death Match

Pack it up!  You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here!

There are a lot of variables that determine how long the returns to the Safety Zone take. We try to get back on the field as quickly as possible. We do typically get at least four gaming periods in, some lasting longer than others. Some games only last a few minutes and we'll switch sides and play again. And again, perhaps, if everyone has sufficient ammo. Some games have been known to last less than a minute, such as a variation of Capture the Flag that has a single flag in the center of the field and the first team to successfully take it to their base wins.

NOTE:  The flora and fauna of Mission: Airsoft grounds are typical of a mesquite thicket. There are natural hazards associated with playing in such terrain.  DRESS APPROPRIATELY! We recommend knee pads, denim jeans, and long sleeved shirts that will not easily snag.  Fallen logs hidden under thick underbrush can serve as trip hazards as well as homes for creatures of the woods. Be aware of these things as you play.

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