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You can't miss this


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The newest video from USAirsoft is here! 40 vs. 7 in a crazy game of Attack & Defend

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Hey everyone, sad to say i cannot upload any content this weekend due to a medical emergency with my father that has kept me in houston, if you wish... Show more

TheMaster845 I do hope he gets better and gets through it,good luck and tell him to get well soon,
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Here you go Airsofters and Airsoft fans. Another great gameplay from USAirsoft. Remember to share this video to help us get to 100 Air-Scribers!... Show more

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Thanks everyone for 70 Air-Scribers! Want to be awesome? Share this link with all your friends and fellow Airsofters! Thanks again everyone!... Show more

Our newest Loadout Circle Player Profile video is out, enjoy, comment, and share

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Excuse me good sir but what is, what you say, an airsoft?

Excuse me good sir but what is, what you say, an airsoft?<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLgaRghK9fs&feature=c4-overview&list=UUztP5id1p1JTGefZjHSbW7w
Mission Airsoft Awesome video, Haifich. We used it for our home page. 4 years ago
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Check out the newest addition of the days at Mission Airsoft series here, and remember to share to all your airsoft friends and get them to... Show more

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