That little op that happened was pretty sweet,cant wait fo another

TheMaster845 The operation at Mission Airsoft to clarify 3 years ago

How's it going bro? Long time no see/talk!
I will be at Mission on August 9th if you can make it.
I also have formed a team if you are interested in...
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Sounds legitimate,you still need to determine engagement distances and develop a storyline(not required but highly suggested).otherwise a great...

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Sounds awesome

TheMaster845 replied to 3 years ago

Then im in, i help if i can but as for ideas i recommend doing some kind of spec ops vip rescue,but that's my opinion

Waiting for that new CQB field to open up at Mission Airsoft

TheMaster845 replied to 3 years ago

This sounds like a great idea,but the question is,where will we be doing this,Mission airsoft can only handle 60-90 people. If Mission Airsoft does...

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Is There a m4 for sale, if so i'm interested

Mission Airsoft We had a brand new G&G M16 for sale, but it got absorbed into our rentals yesterday when we had a record attendance day and a HUGE demand for rental... Show more 4 years ago

I heard there was a G&P for sale?

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any one coming this weekend

Coming this weekend?


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