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It's that time again! We've just opened the 11 acre field expansion, and the WOWD event is our fund raiser for improvements. We appreciate the... Show more

We'll be working all week to prepare the property for the event. Lend a hand, if you are free. 5 PM Saturday is the crunch time to set up for the... Show more

Sales started today for the July 25th Woods event. Tickets WILL go quickly!!! Better get yours while we have some left.

That said, we need all the...
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Tickets are on sale now at 1/2 price for Woods of the Walking Dead VII! An Amazon ad will run starting July 1. They sold 188 tickets in 5 days in... Show more

Members of this discussion group and ZFC (you are all ZFC, right?) can still come for free by being a zombie for us, and get your name in the... Show more

excited , it's still a month away but man am I counting the days.

Alright. Are we ready? Who's on generators? Will TEXAS RENEGADES new ready? How's our parking and camping? How's our zombie recruitment? Or all... Show more

Eddie Rotten here! We've been working hard on and off the field to make sure this next Woods event is bigger and better than ever before. We have... Show more

I definitely think some type of expectations from zombies would be nice. We had some old school zombies strolling around and then some world war Z... Show more

Mission Control Totally agree! Dylan has volunteered. That's one...would you like to invite the high school performing arts department? Those who don't want to get... Show more 5 years ago

Maybe have random supplies drops in the middle of the woods that players can turn into safe spots for extra items (pistol , ammo , Flashlight ect,)... Show more

Had a idea for next zombie hunt... Make the area a bit bigger ( my little cousin said lets have a realistic experience next time) make the are... Show more

I'll go first! Great fun. The security lights helped, and the lighting at the registration desk/ concession area was a big help. Gotta pay some... Show more

Mark your calendars!! The date for the Woods of the Walking Dead night-time zombie hunt and camp-out is April 12-13th! We are recruiting Zombies... Show more

Preacha I plan to be there in zombie mode. What's the cost this time around for camping and Saturday play? The only thing that will keep me is if my... Show more 5 years ago
Preacha Not sure how it autocorrected to "ha at". It should read baby...she is due around then. 5 years ago

I saw APRIL on the home page... is that a permanent month? Have we got a date in mind?

RUMORS ARE TRUE!! There is another WOODS OF THE WALKING DEAD in production. We're getting the dates down and we'll let you know. We're recruiting... Show more

It wouldn't be to hard to place a few boom boxes playing creepy zombie sounds. The mind plays crazy tricks on you when it comes to things we here... Show more

That way as Preacha puts it "The stunk" would not be a problem and add to the Zombified feel. Went to the 13th floor Haunted House on Halloween and got... Show more

Not to say that we are not having hella fun with Air soft!!! But a hush hush "fauna" camping hunt for those of age would be icing on the cake. And... Show more